The Southeast Iowa Regional Fire Honor Guard was established on February 14th, 2007 to serve the Fire Departments of the Tri-State area. In 2017 we added EMS and Law Enforcement to be a part of our Organization. In 2018 Emergency Service Dispatchers will receive proper honors as part of our emergency service family. The Honor Guard is an unique entity, serving any Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement and Emergency Service Dispatchers which requests our services. We support both career and volunteer organizations. Members receive no monetary reward. Their payment comes in the privilege of serving our American Emergency Responders and our Military families. This is accomplished by utilizing our Silent Guard of Honor core values: professionalism, pride, precision and perfection.This knowledge and experience that each member commits to, shows the discipline, integrity, determination, and dedication to become the best of the best. The Honor Guard projects a positive image of the membership by performing as a well trained professional team at local and national events. The Honor Guard is dedicated to honoring fallen emergency responders, their families and military personnel. Whether active or retired, past and present.



The mission of the Southeast Iowa Regional Fire Honor Guard is charged to provide education to prevent line-of-duty deaths, provide Fire Department, EMS, Emergency Service Dispatchers and Law Enforcement proper honors to our regions fallen. We are charged to educate the public in proper flag protocol. We Support Our Military in many ways and continue to be "ambassadors of good will", as America's Bravest-Silent Guard of Honor.